I’m Pavel Villarreal, a passionate designer driven by creativity, curiosity and user satisfaction. I enjoy working in all aspects of product design, from user research and wireframing to visual design.

I’m based in Los Angeles, California, and currently design for ZipRecruiter.

About me

I design, and creating pixel-perfect products with a focus on great user experience is my life’s work.

I believe a meaningful solution is one that places the human at the center, so I solve problems by taking a deep interest in the person opposite the screen. With a conceptual approach, I rely on a diverse set of skills to create intuitive, eye-pleasing solutions that create emotional connections between the software and its audience.

My other interests include discovering new music, exploring my city, exercising, and reading. I am currently reading Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, an insightful book on changing habits.

My Process

Here’s an outline of my process for developing digital experiences:

Planning & Research

I start the design process by helping define the feature set based on formative research and the product’s use cases. Establishing guidelines for the features permits a more focused, effective plan of action.

Iterative Creation

After iterative brainstorming sessions, I design detailed functional specification wireframes in Illustrator that describe the behavior and the user flow. During this stage, I often create prototypes in inVision for feedback from users and stakeholders to identify and eliminate usability issues.

Once a design has been finalized, I create high-fidelity comps in Photoshop to define the interface’s look and feel before delivering functional and visual specifications to development.

Testing & Refinement

Throughout the design and development process, I perform usability testing with real users to gain additional insights and validate the design.