Designing Laserfiche Forms™

Collaborated with a talented team of designers and developers to create powerful enterprise software for business process automation.


  • Role: UI Designer
  • Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, inVision
  • Team: Kate Davies

Laserfiche Forms™ is a robust enterprise web tool that offers powerful document-based business process automation features to make processes more cost-efficient, streamlined and accessible. The true power of the software lies in its flexibility and its ability to make complex tasks easy to complete and understand.

In early 2014, I joined the product team as the UI designer to research and design new features and work to improve visual and behavioral product consistency.

Feature Design

On the Laserfiche Forms™ team, I collaborate with the Product Owner and Product Manager to help define new features that allow the software to maintain a competitive edge and evolve with its competitors. I help gather data during this formative stage by participating in user interviews and performing competitive analysis.

Equipped with use cases and a clear direction, I work with the UX designer on the team to brainstorm ideas for the feature and create UI sketches to gather feedback. This iterative approach allows us to eliminate usability issues and consider potentially overlooked edge cases before detailing behavioral specifications for production. It is during this stage that we will present prototypes for testing to validate our design decisions and gather feedback for future enhancements.

In the version 9.0 and 10.0 releases, I helped refine the experience for the end user by creating an intuitive interface for completing and prioritizing day-to-day tasks. The team also focused on reporting during these releases, and I helped create customizable and sharable reports that bring attention to process bottlenecks and use actionable data to encourage continuous process improvement.

Throughout the design and development process, we look to validate design decisions through user studies and feedback sessions. When preparing for a user study, I meet with the UX designer to craft a test script and take part in a monitored pilot test to ensure the script is fluid, the wording makes sense to the target audience and the interviewer avoids leading questions. After conducting the user studies, either remotely or in person at our annual user conference, I help analyze the findings, prioritize them and present them to the product team so that all team members have a clear understanding of what we learned and usability improvements can be added to the product backlog.

UI Design

Soon after joining the Laserfiche Forms team, I helped create a living style guide to achieve visual and behavioral consistency across the product. Recently there has been a push to improve consistency across the entire product suite, and the style guide project has taken on a much larger scale. Following many of the principles outlined in Brad Frost’s article on the Atomic Design methodology, I helped conduct an element inventory to identify inconsistencies in the UI, defined usage guidelines that satisfy the needs of our vast enterprise content management suite and designed a modern UI that competes with consumer apps while still adhering to enterprise software norms.